Rise Up Project is an initiative that provides essential job skills to help enter and advance in the workplace.

Training sessions are provided free-of-charge.

Coaches and mentors from various industries work in a virtual classroom setting to cover these topics:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Review
    • Fundamental or Key tips on resume building and cover letter drafting
    • Coaches review participant’s current resumes and provide feedback
  • Interviewing and Job Searching Skills
    • Fundamental or Key tips on interviewing
    • Introductory information on how to conduct a job search
    • Practice interviewing skills through role playing
  • LinkedIn Setup and Networking
    • Fundamental or Key tips on setting up a LinkedIn account and how to’s for overall networking
    • Coaches review participant’s LinkedIn profile and provide feedback
    • Coaches demonstrate additional ways to use LinkedIn for job searching and networking
  • Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
    • Introductory level overview of Microsoft Office Suite tools
    • Ideal for beginner users
  • Virtual Team Meetings
    • Tips on how to effectively utilize virtual team video share tools for interviewing, meetings, etc.
  • Writing Professional Emails
    • Fundamental or Key tips on how to convey messages in a concise manner following email etiquette standards

The bootcamp is ideal for those entering the job force or looking to move beyond entry level positions.

Who can participate

This Rise Up Project, although designed to lift those that are under-resourced in today’s socio-economic environment, is open to anyone.

Requirements to participate

This Rise Up Bootcamp requires an 7 week commitment from participants. During these 7 weeks, participants will be required to attend weekly virtual sessions of 1.5 hours each and complete additional homework assignments of 2 hours per week.

Participants will need access to a webcam enabled computer and internet access on their own.


All training sessions will be provided free of charge.

Job Market Potential

Resumes and profiles of Rise Up Alumni (past students) will be made available to companies in search of viable candidates.

Bootcamp 201

We are currently developing a curriculum for those looking for more advanced training. We expect to launch this advanced bootcamp in 2021. Topics could include:

  • Negotiation
  • Facilitating Meetings
  • Finance 101
  • Basic Analytics and Metrics
  • Project Management
  • Developing Timelines
  • Developing and maintaining budgets

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