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January Cohorts Begin

We are excited to jump into two classes to kick off 2021! Our two newest cohorts start on January 12th and 14th. Welcome students to the Rise Up Project, we hope you learn an array of Professional Skills and can start to work towards your …

Week Six Rise Up Bootcamp

Week 6 of our Bootcamp covered the how to for effectively using Virtual Meetings for interviewing and success on the job. This article offers advice for how to convey your passion in a job interview, which can be harder when done virtually.

Week Four Rise Up Bootcamp

We’re already halfway through our first Job Skills Bootcamp! In Week 4 we covered Outlook and Word. What’s a feature in either application that you find useful? And check out this article about how to land the job in our new, virtual interviewing world.

Week One Rise Up Bootcamp

This week was the inaugural class of our Essential Job Skills Boot Camp! We had a great class discussing Resumes and Cover Letters. It got the group thinking “how do I explain employment gaps?” If you’ve wondered this too, check out this article. The answer …